Additional Books

Love and wisdom


2012   (revision in progress)

Everything in life - each experience is an opportunity to examine where we are, what we think and how we feel in relation to our self and another person or reference point.

It is an opportunity to share ourselves in unconditional love with humanity by applying these truths and sharing them in appropriate ways. In Love and Wisdom, the Art of Appropriateness, Douglas H. Melloy has given us specific essentials of the evolutionary process to ​​be pondered.

The goal is that as we read, meditate and do the work, we will be creating and manifesting our experience and expression, so that love and wisdom will always be demonstrated. 

You will find the means for accomplishing this masterfully explained in this work.

Invading the Indigenous



The end of the world as we know it, refers to the coming extinction of the invader culture mindset.  

The warlord god Jehovah of the Old Testament is scheduled to return to take/destroy his chosen people for maintaining their faith. This entity converted the image and likeness of God into a social organism that conquers, enslaves, and destroys through covenanted stipulation. In contrast Jesus taught love, kindness, forgiveness and doing unto others as to ourselves, in order  to end fear, judgment and persecution.

Humanity  is responsible for being and living its design. The last battle fought will be in the heavens between the warlord god Jehovah and Id, the bestower of man. This battle will be a conflict between love/light and fear/darkness that will last for seven days.  It will change life as we know it on this planet.

Humanity will evolve until it collectively ascends. This book explains in detail what the end times actually involve and why.

Running from Karma



Running from karma is our unwillingness to address our issues that are acting as catalysts for our personal and social evolution.

This is what we feel as lack, need, want, pain, dysfunction, distraction, addiction, attitude, and arrogance. These are forms of karma that are established so that we can evolve beyond them.

Personal evolution requires us taking responsibility for our life. This involves addressing what afflicts us and recognizing what gifts we possess that can be shared with others as one's path/purpose. This is process resolution of emotional causation.

Development of talents and resolving issues is what life affords us as our experiences 

that we express individually and relationally. Wisdom, artistry and kindness is energy personified at it's highest human potential when shared selflessly. This book is my attempt at assisting humanity in being/knowing what is real and true when one is willing to live life authentically.

The Nature of the Self



Life is feeling something real and thinking something true that one applies in ways that  are kind and conducive. Nothing else is needed or required humanly. All experiences are designed to move us into these aspects of God that exist.

This requires each of us accepting the responsibility to be involved in our own personal and social evolution. When life lived portrays these effortlessly, this mastery is then shared inconspicuously.

God is real when joy fills the heart and love flows from it as a shared state of being. God is true when light is structured into an ongoing-ness that never dies or ceases to exist.

Selfless sharing is the gift of God, universe and all that exists. For humanity, this is measured by kindness and living what is conducive to life on all levels of expression.