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Opening to the Realness of God

Turning a Lifelong Journey into Reality

From the age of five, you could say I knew my life’s purpose. It was clear to me that life was not intended to be fear-based and that our issues needed and could be healed. So, by the age of 10, I was on the path of resolving anger issues. It was a 36-year process in which I questioned everything about myself, the world and the universe in general. I learned early on that we are the creators of our lives with the free will to create whatever we wish, positive or negative. A big part of the personal work I was doing was developing a meditation practice to get in touch with my soul and follow its specific guidance. This meant knowing God personally and realizing that the only place God can actually be found is by going within. Having been raised in the Christian Science faith, this was going against everything I had been taught, just as it is with all religions.

By the age of 12, I knew for sure that part of my path as purpose was to share what I have come to know with others to give them the opportunity to decide for themselves if they too, see any ​value in this body of knowledge. Keeping an open mind to all possibilities is paramount to discerning what is true for any individual. Life is meant to be continuous change, otherwise there would be no soul growth. Every idea becomes outdated almost immediately. The most important thing is to strive for the next best version of self.

There is a saying that ‘once you know what you know, you can’t un-know it.’  The challenge now is to live as though we know it in practical ways that we can apply to our daily life. This means incorporating the positive polarity of service to all of humanity, one person at a time. 

It is clear that humanity is running out of time to do so. 'Opening to the Realness of God' gives hands on information as to what we can do individually and collectively. The time is now for a new understanding. Will you join us?

Opening to the Realness of God answers these questions:


*What if God is not who we were taught He was?
*What if the Source that created us is not the same God that is worshiped?
*What if Jehovah/Shiva/Allah is actually a warlord/destroyer God?
*What if Buddha and Jesus failed in their mission?
*What if the Bible is not the word of God, but a man-made document?
*What if the Immaculate Conception is a lie and Jesus was an ordinary man just like you and me?
*What if the truth is, there is no 'sin' or 'hell?'
*What if life as we know it is going to change radically within our lifetime?
​*What if U.F.O.s play a big part in life on Earth?
*What if U.F.O.s return by the millions?  
*What if fear is the cause of the death experience? 
​*What if most of humanity faces extinction?​​ 

 *What if there are only four options available to us?*

 This is a manual for being human. The time is now for a new understanding.  It is now available on

"Living a fear-based life ensures our demise. Collectively we can turn the tide.  It will also assist you in deciding who you are and where you are going on your Earthly journey. "   ​

~ Douglas H. Melloy


While you will find this book full of polar opposites,  here are some of the top controversies explored within these pages. Remember that every book ever written is someone's perspective, this one included. It is important to maintain an open mind as you ponder what makes sense to you.

1. What is referred to as the ‘one true God’ is not God, is not our creator and did not bring us to life.

2. The Hebrew letters, YHWH, meant as Yahweh are also used by the false god, Jehovah of the Old Testament, who is a destroyer/warlord god. They are not one and the same.

3. Over 4 1/2 billion people currently worship this destroyer/warlord god referred to as Shiva, Jehovah, Allah and YHWH, depending on the faith.

4. This false god is scheduled to return to destroy his faithful. This is the actual promise made by Jehovah to those who worshiped him.

5. The indigenous culture as Designed, did not participate in any of the seven traditions of science, religion, education, business, politics, law, and medicine as their way of life. Humanity will return to living indigenously.

6. Every species that has lived on this planet has had its own creator.

7. Souls come to this planet by a U.F.O. and will return home by the same method.

8. English was the original language spoken by all of humanity. Jehovah changed this by confounding English into all the languages now spoken. Nothing breeds war as much as not being able to communicate.

9. The Bible is not the Word of God. Language is specific to the ego of an individual as what is written and stated.

10. The Jews are not God’s chosen people. God does not play favorites.

11. Jesus was not the only son of God. We are all God’s children.

12. Jesus was not born of a virgin.

13. There is no such thing as ‘sin.' We were given ‘free will.’ Therefore, people are entitled to live however they choose; there is no reward or punishment.

14. There is no such place as ‘hell’ for ‘sinners’ to go.

15. End times - history shows that the earth cleanses itself approx. every 25,000 years. Humanity is at the end of the third and last cycle. Humanity only has four options to choose from in the future. 


--Opening to the Realness of God is filled with ancient knowledge on who we the human, actually are in this life. Doug shares an in-depth perspective on the idea of where our relationship with God comes from and how we lost our way. It is amazing and eye opening in thought, beautifully written and heartfelt. This is a must read for any one on the path of consciousness wishing to raise their awareness.
~ Steven L. Hairfield, PhD., author of The Twelve Principles of Karma, Know what Tomorrow Brings

--Douglas Melloy is a shaman, musician, intuitive philosopher and student of religion. His new book, Opening to the Realness of God, examines man’s shifting conception of God, from evolving manifestations of the divine in Judeo-Christian thought (mother, father, warlord, savior and redeemer) to Hindu-Buddhist-New Age concepts that draw upon the spiritual power within ourselves. In an age of spiritual and political turmoil, Douglas Melloy shows us how to live intentionally by being human.
~ John H. Graham, Reid Professor of Biology at Berry College, Mount Berry, GA Professor Graham is an evolutionary ecologist.

--Opening to the Realness of God is about fourth density humanness. It is an expose on being God conscious and knowing the Universe as the Soul from the perspectives of love and light. In my opinion this work is his best literary work to date. It was written to assist humanity in finding their way to the Source of all life, all truth, all joy and to be in an energetic level of positive loving kindness. Douglas Melloy is a testimony to a life becoming fully conscious as the truth of mastery lived. Thank you for sharing this work for all of humanity to continue on their path.
~ Carol B. Bradshaw, Chief Financial Officer Coosa Valley Regional Services, Rome, GA 

--A controversial book with an interesting edge for those ready to be "open" to new definitions of the divine, God, religion and creation. It offers a very different and unique perspective of what God is supposed to be, what the universe is all about and the entangled transience of human spirit. Great read! 
~ Aura Imbarus, Ph.D., Author of Out of the Transylvania Night, Los Angeles, CA

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The earth is changing its density from 3rd into 4th and we have to consciously be 4th density to continue to live on the New Earth. We must stop living in fear and start living in love. 

This new body of knowledge by Douglas H. Melloy, will assist you in making this transition, finding your way back to the Source of all life and assist in reaching an energetic level of positive loving kindness. 

It will also show you how  to live your life and master it as fully conscious. It is a must read if you are looking for a powerful tool that can support you on your personal growth journey and help you to become the best highest version of yourself.

The three parts of this fascinating read debunk a lot of the major myths about religion, God, U.F.O.'s, and the Immaculate Conception, based on an exhaustive study of world religions and over 50 years of spiritual practice.

In Part 1, 'The Nature of Deity,' Douglas H. Melloy affirms that religions exist for the sole purpose of teaching false doctrine about God, life, humanness and what they evolve into. They also teach fear and negative ideas about the self, while the Universe is all about abundance and love.

Part 2, 'The Nature of Being Human,' reminds us of the person we really are, pointing to the contradictions in the Bible and explaining the elements of positive energy embedded in ourselves, such as intuition.

In Part 3, 'The Nature of Humanity as Divinity,' you will find the truth about the nature of the soul and the connection between God and the addition, you will discover that communication, cooperation, contribution, connection and change are the foundation of the New World.

Useful tools for your personal growth such as affirmations, meditation techniques and suggested rules to live by await you in the Appendix section of the book. As Douglas H. Melloy proves, life is not about surviving, but rather effectively creating a reality that is self-sustaining, self-regenerating and self-perpetuating according to what is instantaneous, spontaneous and simultaneous.  

​Time is running out, and everyone must choose their path. What will you choose?